The Single Strangest Computing Day of my Life

Am I sinking into madness?  I started using computers in 1976 at Elysian Park Elementary in Los Angeles. The days of that donated IBM machine and punch cards are still fresh in my mind. It started benignly at first, I was attempting to post an item to my PlayStation Community on the Android mobile appContinue reading “The Single Strangest Computing Day of my Life”

Best Way to Enjoy Movies and TV shows for Free

There are many ways these days to watch movies and TV shows for free. This is a list of some great options for classic and current films and TV shows. Pluto TV is a my go to option. Tons of Live channels and on demand films and TV shows. IMDB has some great films andContinue reading “Best Way to Enjoy Movies and TV shows for Free”

Using Discord to Promote Your Podcast

Podcasts can be promoted in many ways, however one of my favorite ways is using the community side Discord.  Discord began focusing on the gaming community, but has not spread to many other types of Internet associations. One of it’s best features is that is free.  If you would like to try it out visitContinue reading “Using Discord to Promote Your Podcast”

How to be Healthier Eating Almonds

Almonds, so good and so healthy. They have amazing nutritional components, fats, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Almonds have healthy amounts of Vitamin E can build up your cell membranes which can protect from oxidation. Diabetics can find benefits from almonds as well. They are full of fiber, fats, protein, fiber, however, low in carbs. Almonds,alsoContinue reading “How to be Healthier Eating Almonds”