How Having a Stroke Made Me a Better Person

I woke up about 4:30, I felt a tingling. It was like I had cut off the circulation in my whole body. “I have to pee,” I thought. It was very difficult to move but I struggled. I had to pull myself to the toilet. I was having another stroke. I had had a strokeContinue reading “How Having a Stroke Made Me a Better Person”

Podcasts I Love

Podcasting during Pigskin Radio in 2008 I first started podcasting in 2006 with the show Tasty Logic. I played royalty-free music, strange audio clips and recited strange stories to entertain the audience. In 2007, I started a Fantasy Football-based show named Pigskin Radio with a partner, John Neese who I played the sports dungeons andContinue reading “Podcasts I Love”

Restarting my Podcast After Having a Stroke

I woke up with a tingling sensation. It was 5 a.m. in the morning, my Sister called an ambulance. I got sick on the way out of the house. The ride seemed to last forever. I finally made it. They took my blood pressure it was 215/96. I was sent to the CT scanner. InContinue reading “Restarting my Podcast After Having a Stroke”

Control Your Sound Effects for Free

Easily control your sound effects for your Twitch stream, podcast, radio station or any other live event with Jingle Palette. It is a free sound dropper with amazing controls at you disposal. Jingle Palette will run on most modern versions of Windows and has all the controls you would expect for a professional radio station.Continue reading “Control Your Sound Effects for Free”