Google Plus: Potential

We were frustrated with Facebook. Tired of the terrible blog comments. Wanted more control and more features. For a brief period of time, we thought we had it. Google Plus was the future, but now it is the past.

Google Plus is now five years old and for the most part, a ghost town. Google was thinking they could make a better social media platform. Technically they did, however social media is about who is there. I had amazing conversations on Google Plus about very technical things. Google Plus was made by engineers for engineers. Facebook was so damn simple even my Mom could use it, and that is why they won.

Facebook is incredibly sticky. It is made for the masses and made to conquer the world by feeding in to the narcissism of our time. Cat videos, baby pictures and 5 year old obituaries flow like water. Grandma is there. Your neighbors are there. That high school classmate that you can barely remember is there. It is what we want and Facebook knows it.

Will something new take over? Maybe. Chances are Facebook will buy it first. My guess is a shift to something like VR gives a new platform a chance which is why Facebook bought Oculus Rift.

I will miss Google Plus. Today I decided to stop posting there. Not because it isn’t a technical great social media site, but parading down the street of a ghost town just seems like a waste of time.

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