Podcasts I Started Listening to in 2022

I have been a podcast listener and creator since 2005. Every year I find some new shows to listen to and stoppedn some that I tired of. This year I have added some great ones to my playlist.

108.9 The Hawk

Love classic rock radio and improvisation? You’ve found your favorite podcast. Jason Gore and Geoff Garlock weave a tapestry of a fictional classic rock radio station complete with wacky disc jockeys, rock star impressions, wild advertisements set in the fictional always cold town of Val Verde. This most original idea a constantly amusing podcast idea I have heard in years, you deserve to listen.

Apocalypse Soon with Eddie Pepitone

Comedian Eddie Pepitone creates a variety show based on the concept of living in late stage capitalism. Listen to his character sketches in Driving in the Rain, Eau de Pepitone, What Squirrels are Thinking and The Last Newscaster in the World.

The Video Archives Podcast

Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary relive their time at Video Archives talking about the video titles from the library Tarantino owns from the video store they worked in. A great way to listen to a couple of film nerds.

Weekend at Bergman’s

A showdown between arthouse films and mainstream movies. Brett Boham and Joe Cilio review and choose which of the two enter the canon or the trash canon. One of the best movie podcasts around.

The Rest is History

A couple of Brits talk history. Fun banter and interesting facts make this show sing. Great show for history buffs.

We Have Concerns

Jeff Cannata and Anthony Carboni host a comedy science podcast. They talk interesting ideas and concepts from the science world.

Strange Year: A Strange History Podcast

Every week a year on the calendar spotlights a strange news item of interest. Great short podcast is really full of things you may have never heard of.

In addition to those shows, I started a podcast with my buddy Clay. Unsocial Spectators, we talk about Generation X culture and what we’ve been watching lately. Check it out when you get the chance.

How To Make Air Fried Crispy Fried Onions

Want crispy fried onions the healthy way? Use an air fryer!

1. Slice some onions and make some rings.

2. Set the air fryer for 270F degrees and preheat for 5 minutes.

3. Spray cooking spray in the basket then place the rings in.

4. Cook for 30 minutes shaking the basket every 5 minutes. Then remove from basket with tongs.

5. Crush up the onions and put them in a resealable container or bag.

It’s a really good way to replace the unhealthy kind of crispy fried onions. Enjoy!

How to use Letterboxd Pro to Build a Watchlist of Movies Available on your Streaming Services

There are so many streaming services out there, free and paid. But how do I know where to go to watch films that are on my watchlist? I use Letterboxd PRO as a great solution. Here is a step by step guide if you would like to use it as well. You can use Letterboxd on IOS, Android and the Web. First, get a PRO subscription.

Select the hamburger.
Select settings.
Select subscription settings.
Get Letterboxd Pro.

Now select the paid or free streaming services you use.

Select the hamburger.
Select settings.
Select advanced settings.
Select stores & streaming then select the streaming services you use.

Now you can add films to your watchlist.

Select the magnifying glass to search for a film.
Enter the movie you want to add to your watchlist.
Select this.
Select watchlist.

Continue to add movies to your watchlist that you want to see. Now you can sort your watchlist by streaming films available on your services.

Select the hamburger.
Select watchlist.
Select the sort hamburger.
Select service.
Select stream only.
This sorted watchlist now shows all the films currently available on your streaming services!

What is really great is your watchlist sort will change whenever movies leave or are added to your streaming services.

Once you sign up for Letterboxd you can add me. My username is markramsey.

Borrow E-books and Audiobooks using Libby

if you are into e-books or audiobooks and want to save some money, try out the Libby website or IOS and Android app. Simply link Libby to your library account. You can then check out or put holds on items. What is really cool is that you can send your e-book to your Kindle making it easy to read! When you have finished you can easily return the items. Libby has a large inventory of selections. I’m currently listening in the background to an audiobook while I write this post on my tablet. Give Libby a try, you’ll love it!


unnamedA Saturday morning cool breeze whispers through the trees

Rain lightly pitter patters on the leaves

The birds sing their sweet song


Welcoming me to this day

I draw on a fine cigar and watch the smoke rise into the air

A tiny copper urn receives its ashes

A small tool shed is obscured by the trees

Cradling a lawn mower and implements for cultivation

The screened-in patio shelters me from the light downpour

Wrought iron chairs with a table set the mood

Pots full of plants and various cacti are a delight

A hum from the AC provides the white noise

A watering can witch a snowman reminds a season past

A bird guards the door from the outside door

Peaceful now.





No health insurance? My county takes care of me.

At the end of June I had a stroke. I had not worked in a while and had no health insurance. I was not sure what I would do. Luckily Williamson County covered me. The first 6 months they took care of $20,000 in healthcare which covered all of my bills including my rehabilitation and home care. Unfortunately I returned for another scare a week later. Two weeks ago I had a toe infection and needed an amputation. Wilco Care took care of me again with $30,000 of coverage. I have been so lucky to live in Williamson County.

Facebook Suspended Me for 3 Days

I have been posting comics I find on the Internet for years. But I have never had this problem before. Facebook kept me from posting for three days. I couldn’t even post a like. I could understand if this was hate speech, but it seemed to be a harmless cartoon. I know some will cry free speech. Facebook is not the government, so I don’t think they need to be called out for this. However, I did hit the review this button hoping they would realize their folly. Nothing has happened. Is this just there to make you feel good? Or am I just being censored for this? I wonder.