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I first started podcasting in 2006 with the show Tasty Logic. I played royalty-free music, strange audio clips and recited strange stories to entertain the audience. In 2007, I started a Fantasy Football-based show named Pigskin Radio with a partner, John Neese who I played the sports dungeons and dragons with. Back then we started streaming on USTREAM, adding a video element. I then starting attending Dallas area tech groups and hooked up with some friends (Sarah McGee and Kyle Kondas) to start a geek culture video show called The Tech Tards Show. I have run Dallas PodCamp twice and visited the Los Angeles Podcast Festival and the Podcast Movement to name a few. I now host and produce the Dolphin Squad Show. I have been listening to podcasts for years and here are what I currently listen to, hope you enjoy.

Gillmor Gang X RSS This is the first podcast I start listening to in 2005 and it isnpired me to do it myself. Some od the smartest people in technology every show hosted by Steve Gillmor @stevegillmor

Gilbert Gottfried ‘s Amazing Colossal Podcast This is the place to be if you love old movies and older culture hosted by Gilbert Gottfried @realgilbert and Frank Santopadre @franksantopadre

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History Some of the most well constructed shows you will ever hear hosted by Dan Carlin @hardcorehistory

Common Sense with Dan Carlin is the news supplement to Hardcore History again hosted by Dan Carlin @hardcorehistory

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend A great interview podcast host by the late night legend Conan O’Brien @conanobrien

The Three Questions with Andy Richter A great interview podcast by Conan’s sidekick Andy Richter @andyrichter

The Joe Rogan Experience A way out there interview podcast with comedian Joe Rogan @joerogan

Sean Carroll’s Mindscape: Science, Society, Philosophy, Culture, Arts, and Ideas Great science interview podcast with Sean Carroll @seanmcarroll

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard Another fine interview show with actor Dax Shepard @daxshepard

Off the Wall RSS Long time radio show with a political bent from the hackers at 2600 in New York hosted by Emmanuel Goldstein @emmangoldstein

Off the Hook RSS Long time radio show from the hackers at 2600 inNew York hosted by EmmanuelGoldstein @emmangoldstein

This American Life Wonderful stories from the PBS radio show hosted by Ira Glass @iraglass

Ted Talks Daily Daily episodes with Ted talks about everything

Penn’s Sunday School RSS Another fantastic interview podcast with magician host Penn Jillete @pennjillete

WTF with Marc Maron Podcast RSS A great interview show with comedian Marc Maron @marcmaron

The Church of What’s Happening Now: With Joey Coco Diaz RSS Another comedian interview pod check out Joey Diaz @madflavor

CNN News Briefing RSS A few minutes of your day to catch up with the news @cnn

Adam Carolla Show Adam Carolla hosts grea interviews @adamcarolla

Monday Morning Podcast Another fine comedian does the interview thing @billburr

Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast RSS A PlayStaion podcast with Colin Moriarty @notaxation and Chris Maldonado @chrisrgun

Giant Bombcast RSS Video Game podcast from the folks at Giant Bomb San Francisco crew @giantbomb

Giant Bombcast Aftermath RSS The Giant Bomb aftershow hosted by Jeff Gerstmann @jeffgerstmann and Ben Pack @packbenpack

Giant Beastcast RSS Video Game podcast with the New York crew @giantbomb

Official PlayStation Blogcast PlayStation podcast from Sony @playstation

Podcast Beyond RSS Video Game podcast from the folks at IGN @ign

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