The Single Strangest Computing Day of my Life

Am I sinking into madness?  I started using computers in 1976 at Elysian Park Elementary in Los Angeles. The days of that donated IBM machine and punch cards are still fresh in my mind. It started benignly at first, I was attempting to post an item to my PlayStation Community on the Android mobile app I had to change the password, I could not log in after that, moving on to my PlayStation 4 I was now locked out. “Strange,” I thought, however I moved on. I have attempting to set up a new website for my Mother who is an artist on There was no way to do so, i was stuck. This has never happened to me, two weird computing things in one day. Next I was working on a photo I had taken of a Red Ryder BB gun from 1938, no matter how hard I tried in GIMP, I could not save a the rotated image properly and a filter would not work. “Spooky.” I was then trying to register on the a Daisy website. It would not let me. Password issue again. A bad DVD would not let me rip it. A file that I thought i had created disappeared. I could not fix an issue on my tablet I had heard could be fixed by watching This Week in Google by searching Google. There are many possible options for this. My hard drive has caused an error to occur. A hacker is having their fun with me. I am dreaming. I have gone into a coma. I have lost my mind.

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