Facebook Suspended Me for 3 Days

I have been posting comics I find on the Internet for years. But I have never had this problem before. Facebook kept me from posting for three days. I couldn’t even post a like. I could understand if this was hate speech, but it seemed to be a harmless cartoon. I know some will cry free speech. Facebook is not the government, so I don’t think they need to be called out for this. However, I did hit the review this button hoping they would realize their folly. Nothing has happened. Is this just there to make you feel good? Or am I just being censored for this? I wonder.

Published by Mark Ramsey ™

Writer. PS4 Gamer. Twitch Affiliate. 2-Time Stroke Enthusiast. OG Geek. Podcast Host. Startup Survivor. #OldTimeStreamers admin. twitch.tv/markramsey

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