Tips for PlayStation 4 Streamers on Twitch


1. Game on Twitch Issue

Double-check that the game being displayed on Twitch is valid. Sometimes, more often that not, the PS4 will attach ™ or ® to the game name. When this happens your game will not show up in the proper game directory on Twitch. A viewer searching for people playing that game will not be able to find you. Simply view the stream on a phone or web browser to detect and fix the issue. Using the Twitch Dashboard you can remove the offending symbols and make sure you are easily visible on Twitch. Here is a link to my tutorial on how to fix it. How to Fix the Twitch Game Category Issue when Streaming from a PS4.

2. Headset

Audio is extremely important in your stream. People are more likely to switch to another channel because your audio is bad than if your video is bad. Test your stream’s audio, make sure you are coming through clearly. Please, please don’t use the microphone built into your PlayStation Camera, that is definitely bad form and sounds like shit.

3. Chat Bots

There are many bots available to use in your Twitch chat. If you are first starting up you could go weeks without having hardly any followers in your chat. A chat bot is not really necessary at first. Once you find you may need a hand, get Nightbot running. You may want to change to another chat bot later, but Nightbot is the biggest and a great place to start. You may find you want certain features that Nightbot does not support, that is great. However, try not to run more than two bots in your channel, it just becomes too overwhelming.

4. Automate your Social Media

Get the message out that you are streaming to the world. Be sure to setup your Twitter and Facebook links via

Settings -> Sharing and Broadcasts -> Link with Other Services

In addition, via

Share Button -> Broadcast Gameplay -> Twitch -> Share Link

Click Twitter and/or Facebook. This will automatically alert your followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook that you are have gone live on Twitch. Twitch also has a feature called Pulse which is a new social feed that will let your followers find out what’s new on your stream and comment as well.

5. Your Connection

When streaming your PS4 needs the fastest upload speed possible. Especially if you want to stream multiplayer games. Connect your PS4 using a direct network cable connection to your Internet modem/router. Do not use Wi-Fi to stream. Make sure other people in the household know you are streaming and make sure they are using the Internet as little as possible. Get the fastest upload speed that you can afford from your Internet provider. Your stream will experience less drops and may even look better to your viewers.

6. Regular Schedule

Try to keep and regular streaming schedule. Twitch now has an events feature, post your schedule there. Stick to it. Your viewers want to know when they can find your stream. The schedule can also help you stream more often which helps build your audience. Do not be afraid to do additional shows, when a new game comes out or if you have a special event, just notify eveyone using your social media tools.

7. Laptop or PC Part of Your Setup

Yes, you can use a phone to watch your chat and manage your Twitch account, but some of the features are limited. If you have a laptop or PC, you should really bring it into your streaming setup. Streaming in your living room with a laptop running chat next to you will really help. If your PC is powerful enough, you may want to consider getting a capture card for your stream. You can bring the PS4 video into the computer and use streaming software like OBS to add video overlays to spice up your stream.

8. What Games to Stream

Choosing what games to stream can be extremely important to your success. Should you stream the most popular games on Twitch? When you are starting out you could get stuck at the bottom of the list in obscurity. I would recommend starting off with a newly released game, it could make it easier to get some exposure. Also, since you are a PS4 streamer, consider streaming games that are PS4 exclusives when they are initially released.

9. PlayStation Camera

If you are going to stream directly stream from your PS4, the PlayStation Camera is the only way to get your face in the stream. Again, try to never use the built-in microphone it is strikingly bad. If you want to use another camera, you will need to use a streaming PC. You can use chroma key or a green screen with the PlayStation Camera.

10. Watch PS4 Streamers

Be sure to watch other PS4 streamers. They may have some great ideas for improving your stream. Find them easily by doing a Twitter search for #ps4live which is the default hashtag. Join a few PS4 streamer communities to get an inside perspective.

11. USB Sound Mixer

If you are streaming directly from the PS4, there is no way to add video overlays or video alerts to your stream. However, there is a way to add audio. If you use a USB sound mixer, the PS4 will detect it as a headset. Just plug the sound mixer into one of the PS4’s USB ports and you will be able to add multiple microphones or audio sources to your PS4 stream. You can then use OBS to trigger audio alerts when people follow or host your stream. You could also add music or other sound effects if you want.

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