Subscribe to my Twitch channel for free using Amazon Prime

Have Amazon Prime? You can now help support my Twitch channel and get some great free perks as well. One of the many free services that comes with Amazon Prime is Twitch Prime. Once you have Twitch Prime you get one free $4.99 level subscription a month you can give to any Twitch partner or affiliate. Since half of all US households have Amazon Prime, this is a real windfall for Twitch streamers.

How do I activate Twitch Prime?

If you do not have a Twitch account, create one now at

Once you have a Twitch account, simply go to to link your Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts.

How do I subscribe to the Twitch channel with Twitch Prime?

Visit my Twitch channel

using the Twitch website:

Click on the Subscribe button in the top right corner then subscribe using Twitch Prime.

Or you can visit

using the Android app:

Search for “markramsey” to find my channel

Click on the Subscribe button then subscribe using Twitch Prime.

Or you can visit

using the Twitch IOS app:

There is no subscribe button in the IOS app, so you must visit to subscribe using Twitch Prime.

Unfortunately subscribing to my channel does not auto-renew, if you would like for me to send you a monthly reminder, just let me know and I will be happy to ping you when your subscription runs out. I really appreciate the support for my Twitch channel, it allows me to constantly improve and helps me continue to create great content in the future.

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