Changing Commands and Timers from the Command Line in Nightbot

Nightbot is a very popular Chatbot Twitch. Here is a way to change timers with the command line. Our example is to make changes to a music timer. We will be creating multiple commands to pull this off. During my stream I play music in the background and I want viewers to find out what they are listening to using a timer to activate the !music command. First create a !music command in Nightbot.

Next make a !setmusic command in Nightbot. Add “edit !music Currently listening to $(query)” Be sure to add “!commands” to the Alias section.

Here’s what using the !setmusic command will look like in chat.

Here is how !setmusic changed the !music command.

Now you can setup a “Music” timer. Be sure to add “null” in the Message section and “!music” to the Alias section.

Now the Music timer will activate the “!music” command.

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