How to use Letterboxd Pro to Build a Watchlist of Movies Available on your Streaming Services

There are so many streaming services out there, free and paid. But how do I know where to go to watch films that are on my watchlist? I use Letterboxd PRO as a great solution. Here is a step by step guide if you would like to use it as well. You can use Letterboxd on IOS, Android and the Web. First, get a PRO subscription.

Select the hamburger.
Select settings.
Select subscription settings.
Get Letterboxd Pro.

Now select the paid or free streaming services you use.

Select the hamburger.
Select settings.
Select advanced settings.
Select stores & streaming then select the streaming services you use.

Now you can add films to your watchlist.

Select the magnifying glass to search for a film.
Enter the movie you want to add to your watchlist.
Select this.
Select watchlist.

Continue to add movies to your watchlist that you want to see. Now you can sort your watchlist by streaming films available on your services.

Select the hamburger.
Select watchlist.
Select the sort hamburger.
Select service.
Select stream only.
This sorted watchlist now shows all the films currently available on your streaming services!

What is really great is your watchlist sort will change whenever movies leave or are added to your streaming services.

Once you sign up for Letterboxd you can add me. My username is markramsey.

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