Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

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This is a takeoff of a pizza I used to make years ago at Pizza Inn.  I make it with lean ground beef, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, hamburger pickles, yellow mustard and a cauliflower crust.  Start with a frozen cauliflower crust, which can be found at most grocery stores.  Spread yellow mustard on the crust.  Add shredded Cheddar cheese to the top.  Now add bacon on top.  I put it in the oven at 425 degrees for 12 minutes.  Remove the pizza from the oven.  Shredded lettuce is next on top of the pie.  The hamburger pickles are the last topping.  Cut into slices and serve.

The Kindle Fire is a Shitpad


I was having problems with an old Samsung tablet, so I thought I would upgrade.  A new Samsung was out of my price range, so I thought “I will give a Kindle Fire a try.”  I scooted over to Amazon and found a 32 Gig model and bought it.  Two days later I was excited to give it a try but I was met with frustration.  I couldn’t even login to my Amazon account using my current username/password after five or six attempts.  Giving up, I set up a new account just to get the thing to run.  I was then faced with more terrible news.  There were so many apps I could not run.  Chrome, Tinder, Anchor.  Apps that were crucial to my daily life were simply unavailable.  I tried to add Gmail.  I used my username/password and the correct captcha.  The piece of shit does not work.  What the fuck Bezos you troll.  Finally, I had enough.  I went back to Amazon to return it.  Guess what?  It was the first item that I couldn’t return on Amazon!  The nerve!  Please, whatever you do.  Never even think about purchasing this shitpad it is not worth anything.


CT Scan

Woke up tingling
Confused and scared
Frozen by fear
Unsure of the future
Knot in my stomach
Breathing so rapid
Anxiety so high
Must get to bathroom
I am going to die.

Ambulance called
Siren out loud
Questions answered
Strapped in the gurney
Vomit from fear
Joking to lighten
Blood pressure rises
Live afer all.

Zipping through traffic
Breakneck speed
Vitals are tested
Calming down now
Entering emergency
Testing and questions
Down in the bed
Machines that go beep
Mother so scared
Quiet comes now.

Off to the CAT scanner
Rolling down the hall
Fear of the unknown
Noises so weird
Shaken by vibrations
Pink Floyd laser show
Strapped in no motion
Circles of magnets
Scan the brain.

Pee into plastic
Eyes finally close
Told of the bleeding
No surgery now
Drugs applied flowing
Into my arm
God now hold sacred
Even if lied
Nurses are buzzing
Children do cry.

New MRI morning
Pictures to take
Rolled down a hallway
Noises fill the hospital
Lights skip a beat
Other sick pass by
Doors open wide
Sailing past doctors
Back to my room.

Lunch served by Asian
Potatoes are mashed
Gravy is thick
Jello so red
Time for a sleep
First in a while
Blood is drawn
Another test is done.

Haircut is given
Manbun installed
Tablet delivers news
What happened today
Watching the social
Tales of the stroke
Love is outpouring
Friends shed a tear.



The Single Strangest Computing Day of my Life

Am I sinking into madness?  I started using computers in 1976 at Elysian Park Elementary in Los Angeles. The days of that donated IBM machine and punch cards are still fresh in my mind. It started benignly at first, I was attempting to post an item to my PlayStation Community on the Android mobile app I had to change the password, I could not log in after that, moving on to my PlayStation 4 I was now locked out. “Strange,” I thought, however I moved on. I have attempting to set up a new website for my Mother who is an artist on There was no way to do so, i was stuck. This has never happened to me, two weird computing things in one day. Next I was working on a photo I had taken of a Red Ryder BB gun from 1938, no matter how hard I tried in GIMP, I could not save a the rotated image properly and a filter would not work. “Spooky.” I was then trying to register on the a Daisy website. It would not let me. Password issue again. A bad DVD would not let me rip it. A file that I thought i had created disappeared. I could not fix an issue on my tablet I had heard could be fixed by watching This Week in Google by searching Google. There are many possible options for this. My hard drive has caused an error to occur. A hacker is having their fun with me. I am dreaming. I have gone into a coma. I have lost my mind.

Best Way to Enjoy Movies for Free

There are many ways these days to watch movies for free. This is a list of some great options for classic and current films.

Pluto.TV is a my go to option. It is supported by ads but when the movie starts again it begins a few seconds before you left it to make it easier to catch up. You can currently see Beat StreetThe Elephant Man and Broadway Danny Rose. The Pluto 007 channel keeps the action coming 24 hours a day.

IMDB has some great films available. GravityBig Fish and True Romance can be found here.

Shout! Factory is known for their MST3K offerings. But they have been the place to go for great films. You can find A Night In CasablancaEat My Dust! and All Quiet On The Western Front.

tubi is another great free service. Here you will find StagecoachThe Protector 2 and White Chicks.

Crackle has some great watches. Beverly Hills Cop IIIDouble Team and Angel of Death.

vudu currently has

hoopla is a way to movies from your local library without making the trip to shhhhhhhhville.

SNAGFILMS has the celluloid gems A Dog’s LifeBellissima and Iggy and the Stooges Live in Detroit.

FILMRISE has some juicy flicks. Here you can find The Passion of the ChristMy Friend Dahmer and Memento.

COMET yet another movie service includes Haunted HoneymoonMaking Mr. Right and The Atomic Brain.

CHARGE! is nothing but action! See ColorsEight Men Out and The Mechanic.

bynwr is curated by Nicholas Winding Refn. He recommends Walk the WalkEmerald Cities and Ears, Eyes and Throat.

INTERNET ARCHIVE has movies without commercials. Watch The GhoulHarakiri and The Prisoner of Zender.

popcornflix not surprisingly has some great movies IronweedDeep Star Six and Rabid.

kanopy is another lower-case service that can access your library and also your university’s movie vault.

Don’t forget to check out your local library. Movies I have found at mine have been The Godfather, Gone Girl and The Avengers: Endgame.

Also your local town my have free flicks in the park, don’t miss them.

Amazon is a Shit For Brains Company

They have taken my money and has not shipped the product. When I call them, they read the website to me.  I can not get any help.  I do not need phone support to read the website to me, I can read.  This is the wrong time of year to fuck your customer.  They have frozen my money and declining new orders on the card I used.  Then I tried to use the bank account and get errors.   I am waiting for a fix and an apology, but I doubt I will get it.  Merry fucking Christmas.

Why Use Better Twitch TV


I have been using Better Twitch TV for years and here are my reasons.

Custom emotes – You can use custom emotes for your channel and they can even be animated.  You can even display other Twitch Better TV emotes in your or other streamers chat by switching them on.

Host button – You can add an easy to use host button to all streams you follow, which makes it easier to stream.

Discord sync – You can synchronize your emotes with Discord.  Allowing them to be used by anyone in any Discord.

Emote menu – This menu will add tons of Better Twitch TV emotes for use in chat.

Hide Prime promotions – You can turn these off if they annoy you.

Hide recommended channels – Another way to reduce your annoyance.

Hide Twitch extensions – If you would rather not have pesky extensions showing up on your screen, block them.

Left side chat (my favorite) – Put chat on the left side of the screen.

Show deleted messages – View deleted messages even if they are removed by a bot.