Google Plus: Potential

We were frustrated with Facebook. Tired of the terrible blog comments. Wanted more control and more features. For a brief period of time, we thought we had it. Google Plus was the future, but now it is the past.

Google Plus is now five years old and for the most part, a ghost town. Google was thinking they could make a better social media platform. Technically they did, however social media is about who is there. I had amazing conversations on Google Plus about very technical things. Google Plus was made by engineers for engineers. Facebook was so damn simple even my Mom could use it, and that is why they won.

Facebook is incredibly sticky. It is made for the masses and made to conquer the world by feeding in to the narcissism of our time. Cat videos, baby pictures and 5 year old obituaries flow like water. Grandma is there. Your neighbors are there. That high school classmate that you can barely remember is there. It is what we want and Facebook knows it.

Will something new take over? Maybe. Chances are Facebook will buy it first. My guess is a shift to something like VR gives a new platform a chance which is why Facebook bought Oculus Rift.

I will miss Google Plus. Today I decided to stop posting there. Not because it isn’t a technical great social media site, but parading down the street of a ghost town just seems like a waste of time.

Smartwatches in the Drawer

I was very excited about the idea of the Smartwatch. When the Pebble hype started on Kickstarter, I backed them by putting my money where my mouth was and ordered a Pebble. It took several months to finally ship to me, but I was still very excited when I received it. Initially, I thought the killer app was going to be notifications on the watch, the idea that you could screen important notifications before you pulled your phone out of your pocket would free up more of my time. The problem is, you have to clear it off your watch now and it just seemed easier to go ahead and do it in one spot, your phone.

Pebble Watch

The Pebble was nice, especially the battery life which was about a week. I would only hook it up to clunky charger once a week. About a year later I jumped into an Android smartwatch, the LG G-Watch which was large and ugly, but compared to the Pebble was very sleek and beautiful. The Android Wear watch was much more powerful, in color and had a touch screen, such an upgrade from the Pebble. The big drawback was the battery life, of course. I could barely keep the watch going for an entire day, I would have to take it off and charge it up every night, the charger was worse than the Pebble. I even had to send the first one back because the charging contacts on the back stopped working. The apps didn’t really do anything. There were a couple of games that my niece and nephew would love to play at a family dinner, but I would rarely play, because I always had my phone on me.

LG G-Watch

So, I haven’t had a smartwatch on my wrist for almost a year. They are both in the drawer with all my other old discarded tech. So much promise, but it seems a solution looking for a problem.

Facebook Timeline Discourages Breaking News Conversations

When the news broke about the terror attacks in Paris, I found out about it on Twitter. I flipped on ABC to watch the live news and then checked Facebook to see what other people were saying. Nothing. It had been at least 20 minutes since the first reports and nothing. There were plenty of posts about junk news and dog pictures, but no conversation. I then went over to the feeds section and clicked on friends. It was nothing but posts about Paris and people trying to talk about it. Facebook has to get better at giving us a place to have a conversation about breaking news. This was a huge failure for Facebook in my eyes. They have to do a better job letting us have a conversation about what is happening in the world.

Ways to Improve the PS5

We know the PS5 will be here December 2020, but what new features should be included? Sony could request all new games natively support keyboards and mice because crossplay will be available. Another addition to crossplay would be to allow Discord integration so everyone could easily chat between systems. There are now so many apps available that letting an app use a popup feature like a Twitter reply, for example. Game streaming has become really popular as well. Sony should include overlay integration with the most popular chat systems. This would encourage more game streaming. Finally, the PS5 should include a Google Chromecast hardware which would allow hundreds of apps to immediately be able to use the console. I would love to hear your ideas for the PS5, leave me a response.



These are the questions for old streamers. These are the same questions I ask everyone.

If you wish you do not need to answer these questions

How old are U?

How long have you been playing video games?

What games did you grow up on?

How long have you been streaming?

What games do you stream?

Do you watch any young streamers?

Do you watch any older streamers?

What type of audience do you have?

How do you get the word out?

What software/hardware do you use?

Are you successful?

When do you stream?

What platform do you use?

Are you gaming only?

Please contribute an/any interesting story(stories).

How does your family/friends feel about it?

Thank you for your assistance!!!!


How to Fix the Twitch Game Category Issue when Streaming from a PS4

When streaming on the PS4 Twitch sometimes leaves the games category missing. The reason is that the PS4 will send the game that you are playing with a ™ or the Ⓡ symbol. When this happens you can correct this using the Twitch Creator Dashboard from a PC.

From the Creator Dashboard you can set the game in the Category section and then click “Update Information.”

You may have to click “Update Information” a few times to grt it to stick. If you donot have access to a PC, you can also use a chatbot to set the game. Using StreamElements you can use the “!setgame” command, in NightBot and Streamlabs use the command “!game”.

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Changing Commands and Timers from the Command Line in Nightbot

Nightbot is a very popular Chatbot Twitch. Here is a way to change timers with the command line. Our example is to make changes to a music timer. We will be creating multiple commands to pull this off. During my stream I play music in the background and I want viewers to find out what they are listening to using a timer to activate the !music command. First create a !music command in Nightbot.

Next make a !setmusic command in Nightbot. Add “edit !music Currently listening to $(query)” Be sure to add “!commands” to the Alias section.

Here’s what using the !setmusic command will look like in chat.

Here is how !setmusic changed the !music command.

Now you can setup a “Music” timer. Be sure to add “null” in the Message section and “!music” to the Alias section.

Now the Music timer will activate the “!music” command.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Links

Here are my list of Division 2 links you may find helpful.

Weekly Vender Reset




The World of Tom Clancy’s The Division

Bringing Instagram photos into Discord channels

So you have a Discord community and you would like to pull Instagram photos into your channels. I have a Discord server for my Twitch community and I wanted my Instagram photos to show up in my #instagram channel for folks that are not on Instagram. For this tutorial I am just going to show you what I did to bring Instagram photos into Discord using IFTTT which stands for If This Then That. First thing we are going to do is go to the Discord channel you want to bring Instagram photos into, here we are using “#instagram”. Click on the settings cog by the channel name.

Select “Webhooks” on the left tab, then click on “Create Webhook”.

In the “EDIT WEBHOOK” dialog box, put whatever you would like under “NAME”, in the “CHANNEL” selection be sure it’s the channel you want the tweet to show up in. “WEBHOOK ICON” is an image that will show up in the post, I just used the Instagram logo. Then copy the “WEBHOOK URL” to notepad. We will use this later.

Now we will will use IFTTT to link Instagram to our Webhook. Visit and create an account. Now link your Instagram to the Instagram service. Now it is time to create your applet that will pass the Instagram photo to Discord. Click on “Create”.

Click on “+this”

Click on the Instagram service (you should have already linked your Instagram to this service).

Now we want to choose a trigger. Click on “Any new photo by you” this tells IFTTT when to activate the Instagram post.

Now click on “+that”.

Now we will choose “Webhooks” as our action service.

It’s the only thing we can select so click on “Make a web request”.

Here is where that URL we copied to notepad is useful, copy it in the URL field, then select “Post”.

Our Content Type is going to be “application/json”.

Now copy the code below into the “Body” field then click on “Create action”

{“content”: “{{Url}}”}

Now you can name your Applet whatever you want. Now turn off the notifications. Hit “Finish” and you have created your IFTTT Applet.

Here is what the final product looks like for me in Discord.

If you want to use Twitter check out my tutorial.

Bringing Twitter Tweets into Discord channels

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